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At Msloc, we encourage transparency and clear communication. We highly appreciate when our customers and visitors contact us with queries, clarifications, requests, or with ideas for improvement. Our usual response time is 18 hours, or less. So, go ahead and feel free to write. You may reach us via phone, email or the form given below.

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We are eagerly waiting for your questions with a team of specialists in R&D, Ayurveda, marketing & logistics, customer support etc. We’ll be glad to assist you with any issues related to pre or post purchase of our product – PROFINAST.
Hi,Profinast really works! My hair had gone thin. I was thinking of shaving myself bald bcoz of this but one of my pals suggested that I give Profinast a try. My hair is getting better day by day. Thank you.

(Brady Carter, US.)
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